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The promulgation of the Independent Broadcasting Authority Act has led to the setting up of the IBA. The Authority is at the centre of the now emerging landscape wherein private, commercial and community broadcasters will operate side by side.

Objectives of the IBA

The Authority will regulate this sector by granting licences and more specifically by -

  • Promoting diversity, wider choice in the field of broadcasting through the setting of standards for the delivery of high quality service.
  • Ensuring that broadcasters operate in a level playing field where fair competition is the rule.
  • Ensuring that broadcasters preserve and promote the plural nature of the Mauritian society by specially dedicated content.
  • Encouraging the development of a local programme production industry where listeners and viewers are placed at the centre of broadcasting projects.
  • Ensuring that the people of Mauritius have the ultimate control of broadcasting services whilst accommodating foreign participation in this sector.
  • Providing protection and avenues for redress and representation to listeners and viewers in their relationship with operators.
  • Optimising the efficient use of broadcasting frequency bands.
  • Encouraging the broadcasting sector to eventually self regulate itself.

The independence of the Authority remains the sine qua non condition for achieving its statutory objectives and ensuring that the interests of viewers and listeners are preserved. Being primarily funded by licence fees, the Authority intends to operate in all independence.

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